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Allies Farm, Tilbury Juxta Clare, Essex

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Allies Farm

Allies farm in Essex incorporated a former WW2 airfield with many of the original buildings remaining on the site. The farmer and his family wanted a new home among these buildings and with the Architect, Cameron Scott, used them as inspiration. The house is constructed with a home grown softwood frame that is based on the oak framing tradition. This has produced a building that is modern in feel while lending from the older methods and fitting in with its surroundings. It is not surprising that it won an award for the Best Timber Frame Home 2012 and Best Interiors 2012 categories in the Daily Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards. This practice checked, sized and designed the members and joints of the frames with the wind bracing, foundations etc in close collaboration with the Cameron Scott.

Architect - Cameron Scott -
Photos by Simon Maxwell -