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Working with Surveyors

Our in-depth knowledge of building structures means that we can provide a backup service for surveyors and other building professionals to help them deal with existing buildings and the structural problems that they may contain.

We are often brought in to advise on buildings, in conjunction with surveyors, where they are suffering from structural defects or the maintenance of the fabric has revealed inadequacies in the building's structure.  This most often occurs when the property is changing hands and a prospective purchaser wishes to have assurance as to the long-term structural behaviour of the building they are about to purchase. 

This is particularly the case with older buildings and those with a considerable historical interest.  For this type of building, we have extensive experience.  This can allow us to predict the form of the construction that can be expected as well as the defects that may occur in them.  For example, an old farmhouse in the heart of the Devon countryside may contain jointed cruck frames or A-frame trusses which are prone to failure at certain points. Our familiarity with this form of construction can lead us to look closely at the weak points and if necessary carry out an analysis of the structural elements to ensure their adequacy. We are therefore able to carry out a diagnosis based on our investigations, past knowledge and analysis of the existing structural system and provide advice as to the need for remedial works.

We can also advise on the structural implications of carrying out alterations or adaptations to existing buildings.  Here again, our ability to analyse and confirm the way in which the building is structurally working allows us to provide advice as to the need for additional structure.  For example, when an existing wall is to be removed, we can identify whether or not it is load bearing and the implications of its removal on the rest of the structure.

Surveying practices with whom this Practice has worked:

Allso Yarham

Baker Ruff

Barzey Associates

A. Jestyn Coke

Croft Surveyors

Davies & Co

Drew Pearce

Giles Hetherington

Kendall Kingscott Partnership

Langley Taylor

O’Brian Associates

PWH Associates

Jonathan Rhind Conservation Architects


Barrie Simons & Associates

Cunningham Lindsey

Forde George


Jeremy Baker

Taylor Lewis

Surveying Devon & Cornwall