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With all well designed building projects, the devil is in the detail and to produce the required finished product will require collaboration and sifting through the various alternatives with a degree of reiterative processing of preliminary designs.  We are adept at working through these processes with the Architect and other members of the design team.  This has resulted in us being involved with a number of special projects with high design standards and ecological credentials.  We relish the challenge of helping in this process by making a positive contribution to any project design team.  As can be seen from the examples of projects on this website, we have worked on many buildings which have had that extra special element and in many cases have gone on to win awards.

Working on any building project is a collaborative process which involves the gathering of information so that its design can be developed.  The main objective of the Structural Engineer is to ensure that the building does not collapse.  However, beyond this, it is important that the other factors dictating the form of the building are taken into account such as the building's usability, function, aesthetics, cost etc.  The Engineer must therefore work alongside the other design team members, particularly the Architect, to ensure the best overall outcome is produced.  We are always therefore keen to partake in the design process with the project's Architect and the client at an early stage in the development so that we can understand all of the parameters and can add our input to the final design.

Of particular interest with today's construction is the need to maximise the thermal efficiency of the building.  It is therefore important that the structural elements of the building do not conflict with the insulation, draught proofing and the arrangement of the structure in relation to the mechanical plant which may be required.  Taking into consideration factors such as minimising cold bridging and maintaining a draught proof envelope have become major considerations for the way in which the structure is arranged and constructed.  The use of thermal mass can also be important and dictate the choice of structural material.  Our knowledge and experience of both structural timber and earth construction can provide a positive contribution to a building project where ecologically sound design is high on the agenda.

Architectural practices we have worked with:

Alison Bunning

Allso Yarham

ARA Architect

Jonathan Ball Architects

Barlow Schofield

Barnes Canon

Barzey Associates

Bedford & Jobson

Ken Bracher

Carrick, Howell & Lawrence

R M Challice & Son

John Clements

Louise Crossman Architects

Dixon & Prichard

Devon County Council

Dyer Feesey Wickham

Stephen Emanual

Ford Gilpin & Riley

Frank Crowe

Gale & Snowden

Grainge Archithects

Donald Hanson

Harris McMillan

David Hayes

Heighway Field Associates

Edward Holden

Paul Humphries Architects

Nicholas Keeble

Kendall Kingscott Partnership

Howard Meadowcroft

Moxley McDonald

Murray Architects

O’Brian Associates

Russ Palmer

Leslie Playle

Lucas Roberts & Brown

David Randell Architects

Jonathan Rhind Architects

David Rice

RGP Architects

Robert Rickey Designs

Roger Robinson

Satellite Architects

Nicholas Gilbert Scott

Cameron Scott

Seth Stein Architects

Barrie Simons & Associates

Van Der Steen Hall Partnership

TQF Architects

David Treadaway

Carole Trim

Vision Design Associates

Nils Westman

David Wilson

David Wright

YMD Architecture